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Pizza and Pasta Hut in London is one of the finest takeaways in town.  We are proud to serve the surrounding area. We serve a variety of food such as pizzas, dips, salads and more. You can find our whole menu on our website filled with mouth-watering dishes and catering for all kinds of different tastes. Pizza and Pasta Hut are passionate about providing delicious and high-quality food. Our priority is to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. We offer a variety of excellent food, prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients, to the highest standard.



The burgers are good. They don't mess around and keep things simple. The fries were really good.


This is a decent Family Restaurant that presents manufactured, factory food. We had the lobster sandwich set meal and the tonkatsu set meal. Both were good, tasty and reasonably priced. Nothing to rave about. It was decent portion size. They have pay parking, when you pay the bill, they will give you a voucher to cover your parking costs

Royal Host Mukonoso

It was strong flavors just smacking you. The tom yum soup was how it was supposed to be. The salads, the spring rolls - done without compromise. Lunch specials go for about 1,000 yen. Can't beat it. This is a cozy Thai dive with great food. Don't expect a great environs. You will be squeezed like a sardine but you will leave happy for the food. Lots of pay parking nearby.

Poi Thai